Joel Dominique Sante – Operation Legalon

The hunt for the Legacy of the Holocaust

E-Book 544 Seiten
ePub ISBN: 978-3-9524245-7-5
Mobipocket ISBN: 978-3-9524245-9-9
ePDF ISBN: 978-3-9524245-8-2
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Murders in London, excitement in Swiss high finance and government and feverish activities of international agents! It is about a billion-dollar assets that had been deposited in Swiss bank safes since World War II and suddenly disappeared!
Superintendent Watchinson of Scotland Yard investigates in a London murder case followed by a string of murders. The connections between the dead go far back in time. But what do Swiss banks, the Italian mafia and international agents have to do with his research in London?
An unforeseen business trip to Switzerland brings Scotland Yard officials closer to solving the problem …
… and the wild hunt for the legacy of the Holocaust takes its course!

CHF 12.00

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